How to look good in every photo?

Updated: May 7

A fashion photographer shares how to pose perfectly in every picture

Sophie-Claire Hoeller Jul 17, 2020, 11:29 PM

Bonnie Rodriguez shares her dos and don'ts on Instagram.

  • Fashion photographer Bonnie Rodriguez found that many of her non-model clients were uncomfortable and awkward in front of the camera.

  • She came up with a list of tips and tricks to put them at ease and make them look and feel more powerful in photos.

  • She started sharing these dos and don'ts on Instagram, and also teaches online courses aimed at teaching people to be more confident and photogenic.

  • Her top tips include not facing the camera fully, angling your arms away from your body, and creating triangles.

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Miami-based fashion photographer Bonnie Rodriguez, 33, thinks that with the right poses and the right attitude, anyone can look like an influencer on Instagram. "I believe that everyone can be photogenic and everyone can feel confident if they have the right mindset," she told Insider. In fact, she teaches online courses on how to "look and feel powerful in your photos" in which she shares her top "photogenic tips." Keep scrolling to see her dos and don'ts.

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Rodriguez says to never to face the camera fully.

One of her homework assignments as a student called for taking self-portraits, which seeded the idea for a course on how to be more confident in pictures.

One issue Rodriguez says people have is not knowing what to do with their hands. Faced with the camera on herself for a change, Rodriguez said she felt shy and uncomfortable, adding that photographers tend to forget how awkward being in front of a camera can be.

Rodriguez says to create triangles with your body.

She says that photographing fashion models is one thing, but when she does corporate work such as headshots, people are "scared, like I was going to do something really bad to them."

Angling legs up are a way to create a triangle. So she started putting together a list of tips and tricks that would help her clients feel more confident and photogenic, and noticed that those who followed her advice were noticeably more relaxed.

Rodriguez says looking slightly up into the camera makes people look more innocent.

Three years ago she decided to share them on Instagram, usually using herself as a model for both the dos and don'ts of posing. To date, she's racked up 688k followers.

No one wants a double chin. Besides posting side-by-sides on Instagram, she teaches courses on how to be more photogenic, and sells filters and packages online, such as "5 exclusive poses for the gym."

Angling slightly away from the camera is best, according to Rodriguez.

Courses are usually around $40, and packages $10 to $20.

Dynamic poses are more engaging. The biggest problem she sees people struggle with is being nervous and stressed, which she says often translates into a pinched, unnatural facial expression.

Looking down at the camera makes you seem more powerful, says Rodriguez.

One of her best pieces of advice is to practice. "Remember that you need to use all your facial muscles to have the right expression. Practice in front of the mirror and understand the feeling of an expression so you can later replicate it," she said.

Practice makes perfect. She also says that most people struggle to figure out what to do with their hands, so she suggests props, such as a cup of coffee.

Confidence is the key to a good photo.

Her main tip is to "make triangles with your body," such as putting your hand on your hip, or putting your hands on your head, or angling your legs up when you're sitting down.

Triangles make for a more dynamic photo. She also suggests having a little bit of separation between your arms and body, and always holding yourself slightly away from the camera, rather than facing it fully.

Holding your arms close to your body will make them look bigger, according to Rodriguez.

She urges people to take advantage of these easy tips, saying that "everyone can look and feel awesome in front of the camera."

Rodriguez says anyone can learn to be photogenic.