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It’s All in the Details

Storytelling Sessions are  family photography sessions where I join you with my camera while you spend time together. I quietly notice the emotion, the beauty, the energy, the connections – the LOVE – in your family and artfully reflect it back to you in photos that you will cherish for a lifetime, or several lifetimes.

I am in love with people's stories and I am passionate about capturing real life just as it happens.


Wedding Stories

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My Story in Pictures

I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs of people, but it wasn’t until I started my business in 2018 that I truly found my passion. Now, I’m pleased to say that I’m an in-demand Weddings, Families, Couples, Newborns Photographer in the Trondheim area and beyond. I work closely with my customers to make sure I document all of the moments and people who are important to them.

I stay away from staged and posed photographs and instead capture the natural aesthetic of your special day, one you’ll always be excited to remember.


Capturing Life’s Greatest Moments

So pictures are important to you. You take a million photos with your iPhone or maybe you own a *nice* camera. Your walls are covered in pictures and you book an annual photo session with your favorite photographer. Let's add a family film to your session so your children and grandchildren can relive the day whenever they want.

Within every family, every child, and every moment are thousands of stories just waiting to be told. As a visual artist, your camera is how you tell that story. And I believe that the best stories are the ones you care about the most: the stories that happen on a daily basis, close to home, with family acting as the main characters.

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Ready to get in touch? I’d love to chat about planning your family photography shoot and telling your story. Give me a call or send me a message, I’d be delighted to hear from you. I can’t wait to get to know your family and create beautiful photographs for you and your family to enjoy.